Venetian blinds

Venetian window Blinds Plymouth

Made to measure Venetian blinds:

Venetian blinds are available in either wood or aluminium. Please see below:

Made to measure Venetian Wood (wooden) Blinds:

Our wood venetian blinds are superb and can complement any style, from the most contemporary to the very traditional. They are also great for privacy and shading, though as like any type of venetian window blind, they are a pain to keep clean!

Great wood shades in three different slat widths 25, 35 & 50 mm (dependant on finish).

There are two controls to operate your wooden venetian blind. One controls the height (raise\lower) of the blind, whilst the other changes the angle of the slats. The operation of these blinds is smooth and effortless, irrespective of their size. Though larger blinds will be a lot heavier to raise and lower due to the size.

  • Excellent quality wood that is perfect for adding natural warmth to your room
  • Ideal for co-ordinating with traditional wooden flooring
  • Perfect for the lounge and dining room

Made to measure aluminium (metal) venetian blinds:

These blinds are great for sun screening and privacy for your window and are available in 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slat widths (dependant on colour). Though they are a pain to keep clean!

Venetian blinds are popular for use in conservatories as they leave the window sills free for personal effects.

Blindology venetian blinds have a wide spectrum of colours and slat widths, that will satisfy the most discerning customer.

Our venetian blinds are available in matt gloss ,or metallic.

Blindology venetian blinds can be tilted, raised and lowered by seperate controls, either side by side, on the left or right, or both controls on the left or right.

To raise and lower the blinds, cords are used. Tilting of  25mm and 35mm ali (metal) venetian blinds are operated by wand and 50mm venetian metal blinds are operated by a cord.

  • To create a clean and uncluttered look
  • Choice of blind, choose from aluminium or wood effect slats
  • Different widths available from 25mm, 35mm or 50mm to suit the size of your window
  • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where there can be a lot of moisture


Slimline and standard headrail systems are complemented by an extensive range of coloured slats, available in  25mm, 35mm and 50mm widths. Well established and specialist componentry completes the Venetian window blind system package.

Blindology Blinds offer an extensive range of colours and finishings, wood, aluminium (metal) including patterned, perforated and reflective aluminium along with gloss and matt finishes.

The perfect blinds for you?

If you’d like to enquire about these made to measure blinds, please contact us here and we would be happy to help!