Please see below for a small explanation of the most available types. All of the below types of blinds have varying uses, positives and negatives.

Blindology's Products

The main things that people require are either one or more of the following: Privacy, shading, decoration. There are many more uses for all blinds but the type of blind does depend on the type of uses you require it to do, i.e. roller blinds are more of a blind that is either up or down (open or closed).

A very small breakdown and explanation of each blind now follows. Please click on the blinds icon or type of blind for a more detailed description.

vertical blinds icon

Vertical window blinds

A window blind with a series of thin slats that hang vertically in front of a window (vertical blind), which can be turned as a group, closed with a slight overlap to block the window/light.

venetian blinds icon

Venetian window blinds

A window blind consisting of a number of thin horizontal adjustable slats that overlap when closed. Available in aluminium or wood.

roller blinds icon

Roller window blinds

A window blind that rolls up out of the way, using either a spring (though we do not recommend this option) or chain, the fabric rolls up on a tube.

velux window blinds icon

VELUX SKYLIGHT window blinds

A window blind to cover a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air, these are normaly available as a roller blind, pleated blind or venetian blind.

commercial blinds icon

COMMERCIAL window blinds

We can supply and install commercial window blinds in Plymouth for businesses, office’s and other commercial buildings.

choosing the type of MATERIAL

Once a decision has been made on what type of blind is required, the next bit, is what type of material could be chosen?

Materials that are available are as follows, but dependant on the type of blind that is required: Wood, fabric, aluminium or PVC.

With the fabrics, they are also split into various groups: standard, dim out and blackout. All three groups are or have various properties depending on fabric, ranging from for instance; anti glare, stay fresh, wipe clean, advanced solar control, fire retardant, suitable for moist conditions. But all of the fabrics will comply with the standard for colourfastness according to British Standards.

Wood or wooden (Venetian blinds) available in gloss, matte, plain or grain finish. Blindology do not offer faux wood blinds or plastic blinds, this is due to the possibility of them melting and sagging in hot conditions.

Aluminum ( Venetian blinds and now also vertical blinds) available in plain and textured finishes.

PVC (vertical blinds- rigid slats) available in plain and textured.

But what also needs to be remembered, is the actual choice of colour, and what sort of “LOOK” that is to be hoped to achieve with these window blinds, this all depends on where, what and when.

WHat to consider?


Where are will these blinds going to be installed?


What type of blind is being thought of, to be installed?


When do is shading or privacy required, and when would blind be used?

There is no rush!

As with all types of materials and equipment, there are so many numerous types and qualities of available blinds. This is more of a minefield, as perhaps having no prior knowledge regarding blinds, and perhaps not being aware of the differing qualities of blinds that are available. 

Blindology get so many customers saying 

“Well a blind is surely a blind!” 

Just by answering

 “If you take cars, how many differing makers/manufacturers of cars are there?” 


 “How many types of carpets are there?”

As with any supplier, of any type of goods that are being considered for purchasing, Blindology also state to customers, use what ever resources are available before accepting any quote, estimate or price. Perhaps just asking friends, family or even carrying out a search online, for perhaps reviews of companies (Blindology has some very good review, just carry out a search for “Blindology reviews” and see some of their reviews by customers, as this is one of the best indicators of what customers actually think of any service, these reviews can range from conduct, price, advice, quality, workmanship, even down to what time the company called i.e: were they late, did they ring or call to let you know etc.


Well, now that Blindology have explained some of the things, that perhaps may help, and make customers aware of before you think of any type of window blind (in fact any type of purchase to be honest), Hopefully, this will help some people and customers, realise perhaps in what should be asked of any company, whether it is for blinds (if it is, then Blindology do hope that they would be considered for any type of blind that is required) or from choosing a local garage, for the repairs of a vehicle, to what sort of carpet or flooring that is required.


Blindology, also hope that this has been informative, and if there are any questions or feed back, please feel free to contact Blindology.