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Vertical window Blinds Plymouth

Made to measure vertical blinds by Blindology Blinds of Plymouth.

Blindology vertical blinds – The versatile answer to shading your home or office due to the sun.

As a result, they are similarly ideal for providing privacy, due to controlling the amount of light coming into a room, beside’s while dressing the window and for privacy.

Why choose vertcial blinds?

First of all, vertical window blinds from Blindology Blinds are most very importantly available in a varied and wide spectrum of colours. Consequently to compliment any room, no matter what your needs are.

Therefore as a result Blindology Blinds have a wide  selection of fabrics, from plain to patterned, simple and elegant.

Of which, this includes above all, specialist fabrics that can/will perform a specific function: 

An example therefore of this; is to perhaps reduce the glare from the sun on your visual display screen (TV’s/monitors) or flame retardant due to safety requirements.

Most importantly, all of our fabrics are above all, wipe cleanable with a damp sponge. This will enable you to keep them in tip top condition for years to come.

Vertical blind fabrics from Blindology Blinds are available in either 89mm (3.5″) and 127mm (5″) louvre/slat widths. 89mm slats are ideal for the majority of customers, though the 127mm slats are ideally suited for large or wide window openings.

Options of operating your vertical blinds; which are available due to perhaps opening windows or doors:

Drawn to the left or right, opposite opening or split in the middle. Most importantly offering you optimum flexibility in how you can operate them and control your shading or privacy.

The tilt control: Angle the lourves/slats – can be controlled via a metal chain.

Opening/closing of the blind can be operated via a cord.

However, they can now be operated via a wand rather than the cord/chain.

Which most importantly above all is very easy to use and totally child safe, due to no operating cord or metal chain.

You can now also have sealed pockets (chain-less weights). This is where the bottom weight pocket is completely sealed. Don’t be confused with just chainless, as this is where your vertical blind weights are not sealed and the weight is still visible.

Some customers prefer the “sealed weight” option. Though the chain is known as a stabilising chain and it does help to minimise the “sway” when operating your vertical blind slats.

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You could also have chainless weights, this is where the bottom weight is sealed, some customers prefer the “sealed weight” option, though the chain is know as a stabilising chain and it does help to minimise the “sway” when operating the vertical blind slats.

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Our collection of stylish vertical blinds is second to none.  The fabrics we use represent the best selection available in today’s market, in a large number of modern and elegant colours to harmonize with your interior decoration and all are sourced and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

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the benefits

  • A stylish and versatile way to filter the light into your home
  • Vertical blinds are great for any room but also perfect for large patio windows and conservatories
  • Ideal for protecting furnishings from sunlight

The perfect blinds for you?

If you’d like to enquire about these made to measure blinds, please contact us here and we would be happy to help!