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Roller Blinds Plymouth

Roller Blinds made to measure:

Blindology Roller Blinds – The perfect window dressing solution.

We have a complete range of plains, textures and patterns where you can select your roller blind fabric from subtle pastels to vibrant bold colours. Check out our blackout fabrics – a great idea for childrens bedrooms.

Why choose roller blinds?

With a large range of roller blind fabrics, ranging from plain to patterns, neutral to bright colours. We will have a suitable fabric for your needs. 

Roller blinds are very versatile for shading and privacy, though most customers do tend to use roller blinds in kitchens and bath room.  

Our roller blinds can even be used in a commercial aspect such as  in office areas.

Our roller window blinds are suitable for a large and varied amount of uses. They are ideal for privacy, shading and helping keep the heat inside or outside. 

The materials that we use are of the best quality to ensure that your roller window blind will last for many years.

To make your Roller blind unique, you can select a shape, add braids and trims or pulls. Perfect for co-ordinating the Roller Blind to your own home.

Blindology Roller blinds can be raised and lowered by a sidewinder chain operated, made of either white plastic or a silver metal bobble chain which can be placed on the left or right.

You can choose a pull for the Roller Blind as an option. Please note the pull is purely for decorative purposes, and not to be used to raise and lower the Roller Blind.

Stylish, simple yet practical.

Each Roller blind can be personalised using different braids and poles.

Blackout and dim out roller blinds.

Perfect for the kitchen or bathroom where you don’t need privacy/shading as much as a lounge.

The perfect blinds for you?

If you’d like to enquire about these made to measure blinds, please contact us here and we would be happy to help!