Frequently asked questions about our window blinds

Got a question?

We often get asked questions about our service and our range of blinds, or for advice on taking measurements and fitting blinds correctly. Here are our answers to the most common queries. We hope you find them useful!

If your question isn’t answered here or if you need further information, email us at info@blindology.co.uk or phone us on 01752 667252.

What guarantee is supplied with my blinds?

All of our blinds are supplied with up to a 6-year guarantee; this is dependent on type of blind required (most made to measure blind companies only supply a 12 month guarantee).

Why are no prices displayed on the website?

Due to the fact that all windows have varying drops and widths, this would complicate trying to supply you with a price, also that all the fabrics are in ranges A – F, these ranges vary in price according to quality and it is always better to look at the fabric in your own home (due to the differing of light coming in).

Can you give me a quote?

Yes. We can supply you with a free no obligation quote & fitting. Please get in contact with us here.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full and current Public Liability insurance, a copy of which can be seen before any work is carried out.

Do you do home visits in the evenings or weekends?

Sorry, no we don’t. We only visit in working hours, Mon – Fri.

Do you provide an installation service?

Yes. All of our products you purchase come with free fitting.

How quickly will my Vertical/Venetian/Roller blinds be despatched?

We make every effort for your order to be ready to be installed in 5-10 working days. We cannot give you a specific day or time. This is dependant on stock and availability, but once your blinds are ready, we will contact you and arrange a suitable day/time for installing them.

Do you stock ready-made blinds for collection?

No, all our blinds are made to measure.

Do you supply to commercial or trade businesses?

Yes Blindology can supply to commercial/trade businesses and welcome all tenders or enquiries.

Can we buy Louvres only?

Blindology can supply louvres only for your Vertical blind. Available in 89mm and 127mm Louvre widths. If you contact us at info@blindology.co.uk or give us a call with your enquiry, we will be able to help. Just replacing your louvres only doesn’t always work out a lot cheaper, as it depends on the age of your headrail, let us supply you with a price and you may just be surprised!

The louvres of my Vertical blinds won’t rotate. Have I done something wrong?

This sometimes happens if the louvres were originally hung onto the headrail whilst the hooks were in the closed position. You need to take the louvres off the headrail and then turn the chain round until the hooks are in the open position. This means that when you rehang the louvres, you’ll be able to see through them and out of your window. Your louvres should now rotate without any problems.

The louvres of my Vertical blind are not in line with each other. What should I do?

This is easily rectified. Pull the control chain until the slats are in the closed position, then gently force the chain and they will realign. You may need to try doing this both ways. Don’t worry if you hear a noise, that’s perfectly normal.

Or, it could be that one or two of your slats are not lined up correctly, sometimes it is easier to remove the slats, rotate the travellers using the chain or wand until they are all facing exactly the same direction, then rehang your slats and test your blinds for the correct operation.

What type of blinds would be best for my bathroom?

Bathrooms tend to be steamy, so it’s best to choose a blind fabric that can cope with these conditions. A “stay fresh coating” is a specialist coating which stops damp, mould and mildew attaching to the fabric (available in some of our roller blind and vertical blind fabric collections).

Venetians are good, but a pain to keep clean, although we don’t recommend  wood venetian blinds, however we have mentioned this to customers and they have wanted them, we have had no reports or calls to say that damp has got into the wood. It would help if you have a good extraction fan in the bathroom and also good air ventilation (open your windows).

Roller blinds would be a good option in this environment.

Vertical blinds and roller blinds which have a fabric that is moisture proof is ideally suited for this environment “stay fresh coating”.

If I supply my own fabric could you make my blind for me?

Unfortunately we cant offer this service. All of our fabrics are chosen as they are very high quality and all of the fabrics will have had lots of tests to ensure our customers are happy with their blinds for years to come.

Do you offer roller blinds that you pull in the centre and they retract in?

No, we only offer roller blinds with a control chain, we find the spring rollers can be very temperamental over time and we don’t recommend using the spring assisted type of roller blind.

What do I do if my blind becomes faulty?

Contact us at info@blindology.co.uk or call us on 01752 667252 and explain your problem. We will then arrange a suitable time to visit you and rectify the fault.

I bought a Wooden Venetian blind a few months ago and have just ordered another but they look slightly different. Why is this?

As wood is a natural product, the look and behaviour of each of our Wooden Venetian blinds will be different to the next. The grain may vary between each slat and other features may appear, such as pin knots, tiger striping, burl figures and mineral deposit.

These characteristics will make some slats seem darker or lighter than others. So we sort each of our slat shades into three colour classifications and always ensure that an individual blind is made using slats from the same classification.

So please remember this when you order a sample as this too may vary to the finished blind you receive, your sample is only an indication. Your finished blind will always benefit from its own shade variation, which guarantees uniqueness.

If you don’t like these natural characteristics then we would recommend a wood effect Venetian blind.